Mission Statement

This is the official web site for the Our Lady of America devotion, under the auspices of the Our Lady of America Center in Fostoria, Ohio. It is dedicated first, to protecting, preserving and promoting the complete, authentic, unadulterated messages of Our Lady of America as given to Sister Mildred (Mary Ephrem) Neuzil, and to the realization of Our Lady’s requests, particularly her ultimate request of placing a statue of her under this new image in a place of honor in our Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, after being carried in solemn procession, a request given to her beloved sons, our bishops, in 1956. It is this Shrine Our Lady has promised to make a place of special pilgrimage, a place of wonders.

Secondly, it will tell the "True Story," as documented, of the history of the devotion and the life and suffering of Sister Mildred (Mary Ephrem) Neuzil, the little one chosen by God to give these messages to us. It will show the Last Will and Testament in which Sister Mildred bequeathed all her trademarks, copyrights and all her possessions of any kind to her remaining religious sister in Christ, Sister Joseph Therese (Patricia Ann) Fuller, whom Sister Mildred personally commissioned to complete her mission from heaven and to protect the purity and integrity of this message with her very life.

Thirdly, this site is dedicated to serious study of the meaning of the message and to showing its intimate relationship to the teachings of the Catholic Church and its Liturgical and Scriptural heritage. It will show, as well, the utter importance of this message to the spiritual renewal of these United States of America, and to the whole world, as it calls us to a reform of life and deep inner conversion -- a return to Faith and Purity. That purity is threefold: purity, first of all, of the heart, having the right intention for what we do and a strong attachment to Truth and to the will and ways of God; secondly, purity of Faith in terms of obedience to Christ’s vicar on earth and to the Church’s teachings and to the Gospel message; and lastly, to purity of the body, which depends on the first two and covers the Church’s theology of the body, all sexual and life issues, the value and dignity of the human person and the human family as outlined in both the Natural and the Moral Law of the Catholic Church. The "inconvenient conscience" is at the heart of this message as it challenges a variety of false teachings and heresies that have come into our lives and the practice of the Faith.