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April 2017

A Meditation on the Agony of Jesus

St. Joseph and the Passion of Jesus

March 2017

Come and See If There Be Any Sorrow Like Unto My Sorrow

The First Wednesday Devotion in Honor of St. Joseph

Will You Accept My Cross and Crown of Thorns

February 2017

The Necessity of Penance and Conversion

God’s Valentine

January 2017


Every Human Life Is Sacred Because God Created, Redeemed and Sanctifies It

December 2016

God’s Preparation for the Birth of Jesus

October 2016

A Prayer Campaign for America

September 2016

The 60th Anniversary of Our Lady of America and the Three Hearts

9-11 and the Justice and Mercy of God

August 2016

The Assumption of Mary and Her Coronation

June 2016

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

May 2016

Corpus Christi The Body and Blood of Christ

Pentecost, the Gift of God’s Spirit

April 2016

The Hearts of Jesus and Mary The Kiss Given by Mercy to Justice

March 2016

The Agony of Jesus

December 2015

In the End My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph

November 2015

Christ the King, King of the Universe

September 2015

The 59th Anniversary of Our Lady of America and the Two Pillars of Her Message

August 2015

A Favor and a Mission and Mandate from Heaven

June 2015

The Precious Blood of Jesus, Born of Mary and Poured Out on Us

May 2015

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

March 2015

Living in a Presence Too Great for Words

February 2015

The Necessity of Penance

January 2015

Life Is Sacred Because God Created, Redeemed, and Sanctified It

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