The 61st Anniversary of "Our Lady of America®"

From the beginning of time every prophecy, every vision,
throughout the centuries, will have its fulfillment in Our Lady of
America and her message of the Indwelling Trinity living in every soul,
which will renew the whole world and destroy Lucifer and all the evil
spirits in the fight he is making against the Indwelling Trinity. This will
eventually destroy him.

Bernadette and Sister Mildred Heaven’s Connection

Jesus, Mercy Seat of God

Jesus Gave Sister a Sip from His Chalice of Suffering

Come See If There Be Any Sorrow Like Unto My Sorrow

You Wonder at the Sword in My Heart

Joseph Sanctified Immediately After Conception

All Sin Needs Atonement

Help Me Save Those Who Will Not Save Themselves

For This Was I Born

The Medallion of Our Lady of America

Welcome to the official web site of the Our Lady of America® Devotion in Lodi, Ohio, the only site directly associated with the visionary, Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil of the Contemplative Sisters of the Indwelling Trinity. Sister Mildred spent the last 20 years of her life in Fostoria, Ohio. In keeping with Sister Mildred’s mandate to spread the devotion in the pure form in which Our Lady gave it to her, and to foster a deep understanding and living of the Message as instructed by her spiritual director, Archbishop Paul F. Leibold, we invite you to share our MISSION (Click to read) and that of Sister Mildred as outlined by Our Lady herself in MY SON IS IN LOVE WITH YOUR LOWLINESS.

Prior to her death on January 10, 2000, Sister Mildred willed all her copyrights, trademarks and any and all property of any kind to her remaining religious sister, Sister Joseph Therese (Patricia Ann) Fuller in her LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. She also passed on her mission from heaven to Sister Joseph Therese, warning her she would, like herself, come under great attack and would have to fight for the devotion. Sister Mildred commissioned Sister Joseph Therese to preserve the purity and integrity of the message in accordance with Our Lady’s own words, at all costs, even with her very life. Please read PROTECTING THE PURITY AND INTEGRITY OF THE MESSAGE in light of that mandate. Sister Mildred was adamant against any contamination-deletions, additions, or distortions-- of the message as written and explained to her and by her, and as guided by ARCHBISHOP PAUL F. LEIBOLD.

Because of the many falsehoods put into the public in recent years by those seeking to ordain themselves to this work, and so you will have the necessary facts to truly discern the spirits-- which ones are from God and which are not-- we present you with THE TRUE STORY, as fully documented as possible at this point in time. The "ole boy," as Sister Mildred called Satan, has attacked this devotion for over 50 years and continues to do so through well meaning people unable to discern the spirits, and thus, they have divided the movement and contaminated the message, using the old heresy that "the end justifies the means," the very heresy at the heart of the "culture of death," a false teaching and way of life against which Our Lady’s message stands. We present you with the Truth as we know it. It is up to you to discern the spirits. By their behaviors you will know them.

Remembering our baptism into Christ’s Passion and death, we offer you the inspiration of Sister Mildred’s life, this victim soul whom Our dear Lord called His LITTLE WHITE DOVE. "Will you accept the cross and the crown," He asked her. "I have placed you on the altar of sacrifice," He said. We wish you a most blessed share in the glory of Christ’s Resurrection, too.