Protecting the Purity and Integrity
of the Devotion and Movement on Behalf of
Our Lady of America

The official Our Lady of America® Center in Fostoria, Ohio is the only center that has been directly associated with the visionary of this devotion to Our Lady of America®, Sister Mildred Mary Ephrem Neuzil. It is where she spent the last 20 years of her life. Sister Mildred was absolutely adamant that the purity of the message be protected at all costs so that no additions, deletions or distortions of the message would occur. Likewise, for full official canonical approval, the message’s integrity must be preserved in the pure state in which it was given by Our Lady to Sister Mildred. Contrary to the falsehoods put in the public in the past few years, this message does not yet enjoy that last stage of Church approval, a formal written statement from the only bishop of authority over the message, the bishop of the Toledo, Ohio diocese, that this devotion is "worthy of belief by the faithful." Therefore, this guardianship over the message is of the utmost importance, as is the unity of the movement to protect and promote it in its purity.

The past several years has seen the direct deletion of those messages that occurred after Archbishop Leibold’s death, and therefore not approved by him. It has also seen the deletion of the prayer to the Indwelling Most Holy Trinity given the imprimatur by Archbishop Paul F. Leibold in 1963 and essential to the message that focuses on the central mystery of our Faith, the Most Holy Trinity and the Divine Indwelling. Never did Archbishop Leibold ever overstep his authority; he always worked in complete conjunction with the Toledo diocese in all that he did. The only Center truly associated with the movement by God’s ordination is the Center in Ohio, the same Center that has been commissioned by Sister Mildred herself to guard this devotion’s integrity at all costs.

This Center is directly under the headship of Sister Mildred’s remaining religious sister, Sister Joseph Therese (Patricia Ann) Fuller, from the contemplative group of the Sisters of the Indwelling Trinity, and her advisory board. All promotions must pass through her in order to guarantee that the message and the movement will remain true to Our Lady’s exact revelations and focus, and to the spirit of Sister Mildred and her spiritual director of 32 years, Archbishop Paul F. Leibold. Although the locutions and apparitions occurred in numerous dioceses, Archbishop Leibold wisely and deliberately removed all mention of these places so nothing would interfere with the focal point Our Lady herself gave to this devotion, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC.

In the past 15 years there has been a huge effort to build a shrine in California. In the past five years, another financially powerful group has attempted to center the devotion in Rome City, Indiana. Both of these efforts are contrary to the expressed desire of Our Lady and the clear direction of both Sister Mildred and Archbishop Leibold. No one can ordain themselves to a work like this. It is God who chooses whom He wishes, and God has shown us clearly throughout salvation history that He chooses the humble and the lowly, the pure of heart, those with no power and little influence, the ones whom the world would not choose, precisely because they are utterly open to His will and His ways and claim nothing for themselves but give all the glory to Him. God cannot contradict Himself nor work against Himself; neither does Our Lady. Division, confusion, deception, self ordination and self-seeking, especially for financial gains, are the work of the evil one.

When charging Sister Joseph Therese with this enormous task of completing her mission and protecting it, Sister Mildred warned Sister Joseph Therese she would come under great attack and would have to fight to protect the message. Sister Joseph Therese has come under such attack by powerful people through deception, false statements to bishops, and media misinformation. Her personal life and human rights have been violated and attempts have been made to destroy her and take over, not only the movement, but her personal property and assets. Powerful people have even worked against her with her own attorney. It is clear that this little group of contemplative sisters has been deeply configured to the passion of Jesus, suffering all types of persecution and false accusations from their own, and have never been given the due process that Canon Law provides for those under the Church’s care. When God calls one to a mission, He also gives one the gifts necessary to achieve that mission, and He protects those whom He chooses for His purpose. The fact that this work has survived over 50 years of spiritual attack is a testimony to the fact that it is truly the work of God.

Why must we have this one, and only one, Center? Precisely to protect the devotion and the unity of effort from the divisive power of the evil one. It is this Center which owns all the original documents, copyrights and trademarks that have been violated by others. Why must no other place become a focal point of the devotion? Because Our Lady herself centered this devotion in the National Shrine for a reason. She has come to us under the title of our nation and to thank us, as a nation, for honoring her as our patroness under the title of her singular privilege of the Immaculate Conception. Both our national secular government and the headship of the Church in America are centered in Washington, DC. It is the National Shrine that is to remain the focal point of this devotion. Our Lady asked for no other big shrines, but only that we complete this one and honor her there specially with her statue and a solemn procession to place her image there. It is this place that she specifically says she desires that we make a place of special pilgrimage and she will work her wonders, miracles of the soul, from there. That will not limit her favor upon us from anywhere else, nor limit the building of chapels and other monuments and stained glass windows to honor her under this title in other locations, but it is her desire to have this devotion centered in the National Shrine, the Church of all the people of America, and because of the national and international character of that Shrine, of all the world. Hence, it has become necessary to issue the following statement from the Center in Ohio.

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